Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Borrowing, Renewing and Reservation


How many books can I borrow at one time?
Students can borrow up to 10 books at any time.


How do I borrow items from the library?
You will need your Library card to borrow items. Take the items you would like to borrow along with your Library card to the self-service units. Follow the instructions there to check out the items yourself. If you experience problems, please speak to staff at our Enquiry Desk.


How long can I keep borrowed items from the library?
When you borrow a Main Collection item you are allowed to have it for up to two weeks (14 days). After two weeks, you may renew the item once for another one weeks.


How do I renew a borrowed item?
Borrowed items or books can be renewed online by accessing the online catalogue. Once you have logged in using your student number and password, go to the ‘My Account’ section. Select the items you want to renew by clicking on the ‘Select for Renewal’ box next to each item and then click on the Renew button. If your items have been successfully renewed, you will see a message ‘Items were successfully renewed’


How do I request for or reserve a book?
You can request or reserve books via the online catalogue. If an item that you require is currently on loan (borrowed by someone else), you may request to place a hold on the item, so that the item will not be renewed and you are the first in line to borrow it when it is returned. Requests for hold must be placed online via the Library Portal. In the "Items" view, click the "Request" button next to the item you would like to hold and enter the required information.


What should I do if I can’t find the book I am looking for?
Please approach the Lending Services desk for assistance.


Why am I not able to renew a borrowed item?
You may not be able to renew your items because:

You have already renewed the item once.
Another user has placed a Request for your item.
Your borrowing privileges have been suspended.
The item has passed its due date.


Is there a way to see what books I have checked out online?
Yes. You can view the items checked out by logging in to ‘My Account’
To log in: Username is your Library number (e.g.: C1400123FA)
Password is your IC Number (e.g.: 20070701039091)


What are the fines for late returns?
Main Collection items : RM 0.20 per day


How do I check how much I owe in overdue fines?
You can view the outstanding fines by logging in to ‘My Account’
To log in:
Username is your Library number (e.g.: 2000123456 or 30000123456)
Password is your Student Number (e.g.: 120304A12345 or 0311221)


Where can I pay my fine for overdue items?
You can pay your fines at the Services Desk.

Will unpaid fines keep me from graduating?
Students are expected to clear all their outstanding payments at the end of each semester. Students who have unpaid fines upon their graduation will be referred to Finance Department


Where do I return the borrowed items/books?
Borrowed items/books can be returned via the ‘Book Returns’ machine/counter/window located at the library.


May I return the books I borrowed from Jeli Campus to the Bachok Campus?
Yes, you may return your books to any of the UMK’s libraries, not necessarily the one that you borrowed from.

Lost Item Prosedure


What happens if I lose an item that I have borrowed?
When you report an item missing or lost, we will start a search in the Library for it. If it is not found after 14 days we will inform you of the replacement costs which includes the cost of the item, any fines owing on the item and a processing fee of RM30.00. Once you have paid the replacement costs, we will clear your record.

The amount fined on the item will be recorded on the day you report it lost. Fines will accumulate on your record and may be payable if the item is returned after this date.


What happens if I find the item?
If the item is found, normal overdue fines are payable on it, up to the day it is checked in to the Library. If no replacement costs have been prepared it is treated as a normal overdue item and fines are payable.


What if I've found the item after I've paid the replacement costs?
Unfortunately, the Library will not be able to refund the replacement costs. If you have any queries about the invoicing procedure please contact the staff at the Lending Services Desk.


Can I just replace the lost item?
Yes, you may choose to replace an item you have lost or damaged with an acceptable replacement.

You can only replace a book in print with: Same title that is new in condition.
A new book of the same edition, not an earlier edition.