1. The University and library rules and regulations apply.
2. Users wishing to use the room need to deal with the staff at the Main Counter.

3. Use of this room is for academic discussion in groups only (minimum 3 and
maximum of 8 people).
4. Student cards should be left on the counter and can be claimed upon expiry of use
5. The duration of use of this room is 2 hours. Request for extension of time is allowed
if no bookings by other users.
6. Operation hour ends 30 minutes before the end of library opening hours.
7. Users must adhere to the rules of the use of the room throughout the duration of the
use of the room.
8. Users are not allowed to change the furniture position.
9. Please keep the discussion room clean after use.
10. User is responsible for the security of the lock. Failure to return the key will result in
the user being suspended for use of the locker until the case is completed.
11. Users are responsible for any damage/loss and will be charged accordingly.

12. The library may change or cancel any usage whenever deemed necessary.
13. Food and beverages are NOT allowed to be taken into the Discussion Room
14. Please turn off the lights and lock the door when finished using the room.
15. Library will not be responsible for loss of books/ items left in the discussion room.
16. All General Library Rules must be complied with. If a user is found to have abused a
discussion room or fails to comply with any of the rules above, these facilities will be
withdrawn and related regulations will be enforced

Thank you for your cooperation.


Available at : Bachok, Jeli Campus