What is Read@Uni?

Read@Uni is a reading campaign initiative for all Malaysia universities organized by Education Ministry of Malaysia. The main objective of the program is to make reading habit particularly among the universities student increase in percentage by the year 2030.



  • To cultivate reading habit among universities students
  • Increase dissemination of information
  • Sharing knowledge

Slogan: With Knowledge We Lead

The "With Knowledge We Lead" slogan is believed to be able to further enhance reading among target groups. In this regard, Public and Private Higher Education Institutions must take action and initiative to mobilize reading encouragement to produce citizens who are literate in reading and loving knowledge, thereby realizing the government's agenda to create a reading society by 2030. A study conducted in 2005, namely reading shows that the number of materials read is 10,310 books by Malaysians.

Read@Uni Event

Launcing Program Read@Uni (UMK 4 Nov 2018)

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Read and Share@UMK Program (02 Dec 2018)
Read@Uni Activities UMK (12 December 2018)
Reading Campaign - Mural Programme @ 5 School in Kelantan ( (UMK 10 - 18 Mac 2019)
Let's Read Together For 10 Minutes (22 April 2019)
Read and Share@UMK 2019 (28 April 2019)