What is EndNote?

EndNote is software used to manage your references and format your bibliography.

Using EndNote you can:

> Create a database (library) of references

> Search and download references from electronic databases and library catalogues

> Generate citations and bibliographies in specific styles

> Attach and edit pdfs

> Import references from pdfs or a folder of pdfs


 Get the software here :

The Serial Number is available at Information Consultant Desk at each campus.







Turnitin is a Web-based service that can find and highlight matching or unoriginal text in a written assignment. It uses data-mining to compile a large database of electronic academic materials which it indexes and stores. Faculty can send their students' assignments to the Turnitin database or else set up to allow students to send their own assignments to the service for checking.

> Turnitin basically checks the assignment against its database of materials to look for matches or near-matches in strings of text. Turnitin then generates an Originality Report online. The Originality Report summarizes and highlights matching text

> Students find the Originality Report useful for editing papers that include too many quotes and paraphrases. Faculty find the Originality Report useful as a tool to teach students proper citation practices and highlight the need for more student originality. Faculty can also use Turnitin as a tool to detect possible instances of plagiarism.

> It is up to the users of Turnitin to analyze and interpret matching text in the Originality Report. Help screens within the Turnitin interface go into more detail.