E-Pams System are made available so that you can view and become familiar with the styles of question that you may face in your exam.

On this page you will be able to view past exams for paper exams

Important note: You must use any past exam questions and solutions published on this page with caution if you are preparing for exams. The materials on this page appear as they did when the exams were set and have not have been updated to reflect any changes in legislation or standards, or any changes to the syllabus or to the exam structure and question types.



During Movement Restriction Order (MCO). Please clicks HERE to access past year exam paper INSIDE UNIVERSITY'S NETWORK


During Movement Restriction Order (MCO). Please follow the instruction to access exam paper from OUTSIDE UNIVERSITY'S NETWORK

1. Register here https://forms.gle/zuqgWnGENfrn3BDc9
2. Email username and password will be send by email.
3. Password valid 1 week only. It will be change weekly due to security level.
4. Access HERE
5. Please Clicks VISIT THIS WEBSITE if the page appear "This Connection Is Not Private"

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